Braemar roots itself in the core values of

Compassion Respect Empathy Acceptance Teamwork Empowerment

We exist to provide compassionate care, to the individuals living within the home, and with each other. To have the ability to feel for another human being and to make people smile.

We respect everyone. We believe in providing care with dignity.

We are empathic, we meet people where they are in the moment. We are able to understand and feel what another person is feeling.

We are accepting of a person past present and future, without prudence or judgement. 

We are a team and at the center of our team is the individuals living within the home. We work together, care for each other, and believe we are better together.  

We empower the individuals living in the home, their families and each other.

The Mission Statement

To create an environment that enriches, engages, and empowers the individuals that choose our home to become theirs.

The Vision

To foster an environment that supports best practices. With the core goal to create the very best home setting for the people living within our home.