At Braemar we recognize that each person has unique needs when receiving palliative care. Our goal when providing palliative care is to enhance a person’s current care by focusing on quality of life for them and their family.  

It is difficult to be completely prepared for death. However, studies have shown that people who have participated in advanced care planning with their end-of-life wishes are more likely to be satisfied with their care and receive care that is aligned with their wishes. We want to create a dignified death for everyone at Braemar and celebrate the life they lived. Our trained interdisciplinary team will work to ensure comfort and minimal pain with the following:

  • Regular communication with designated family members on health status.
  • Management of pain and comfort levels that ensure support and comfort for the resident and family.
  • Providing written material, music and conversations on grief and the process of dying.
  • When an individual is dying, we place a butterfly on their door, and a place mat with teacup and flowers at their seating in the dining room.
  • When a resident has passed, residents leave the home with a little crochet heart. If the resident wished to have one, an Honor Guard is also facilitated for residents and staff to honor them, and our time spend together, covered in a beautifully made quilt; a song of choice picked by the resident and their family as they leave.

The Serenity Room

Braemar provides a quiet, comfortable environment for the resident and their loved ones. The Serenity Room, located down Birch Drive, is a private space for resident and their loved ones to spend time together in a peaceful atmosphere. This space also allows for family members to comfortably stay overnight with their loved one, with supplies and toiletries available if needed.

Memorial Photo and Services

We display a photo of the individual after their passing, along with placing a candle at their seating in the dining room for three meals.

We hold memorial services that allow family, staff and residents to gather and honour and remember those whose lives we have shared special moments with during our time together at Braemar.