Physiotherapy services are available for all residents at Braemar, if needed and services are provided as assessed by the Physiotherapist. Our Physiotherapy team includes a Registered Physiotherapist who is here once a week and he oversees a Physiotherapy Assistant who is here 4 days a week. The Physiotherapy Assistant runs a daily Sit and Get Fit exercise class from Monday to Friday, as well as alternating Strength and Balance Classes from Monday to Friday. Individualized programs are created for residents receiving physiotherapy which consist of range of motion exercises, ambulation training, strength training, dynamic balance training and activities of daily living.  Physiotherapy exercises can help to enhance quality of life within the home.


The purpose of Restorative Care is to support the resident through individualized programming, in achieving the maximum possible of functional independence. Through our restorative programs, residents at Braemar will be assisted to live their lives to the best of their capacity, enhancing dignity, confidence, self-esteem and functional independence, which results in an improved quality of life. A resident will be referred to the program, assessed by the restorative staff and if they meet the needs of Restorative Care, will be added to our program. Residents who join Restorative Care must participate in two programs 6 days a week, to remain in the program.

At Braemar we offer multiple restorative programs:

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Weight Bearing
  • Walking
  • Communication
  • Exercises
  • Range of Motion