We are actively working alongside St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, to find a dog who lives in the Wingham are to come into Braemar for visits. 

St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program takes a volunteer and their dog into hospitals, seniors’ residents or nursing homes on a weekly basis. Through petting, affection, and regular visitation, may people benefit both physically and emotionally form the unconditional love of a dog, while also providing the volunteer with a unique and rewarding volunteer experience. If you are interested in joining St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program you can find more information at: Therapy Dog | Become a Volunteer | St. John Ambulance (sja.ca)

While we search for a therapy dog, we encourage all staff to bring their pets in, and Archie’s dog Mikki is here on an almost daily basis. We also have a pack of animatronic dogs and a few animatronic stray cats that have made Braemar their home. Animatronic pets are designed to increase comfort, companionship, and fun to those who live here. They can help alleviate social isolation, loneliness and cognitive decline, but delivering joy, fun and happiness to improve quality of life.  If families wish to bring their own pets in, please ensure that you provide Michelle McCulligh with proof of their vaccinations before their visit. You can send proof to michelle.mcculligh@braemar-rc.com